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A new report has been posted on the site of the Russian federation yesterday (http://www.wrestrus.ru/article.asp?id=1471, in Russian). It can help us to understand why when taking any decisions (incl. about the suspension of Kurbanov I mentioned earlier) FILA follows the dictates of the Russian members.

The event in Moscow: a meeting of FILA president Martinetti, the president of the Russian Wrestling Federation Mamiashvili and members of the Guardian Board of the RWF, incl. its director Suleiman Kerimov ? a billionaire (one of the 100 richest persons in the world; 7.1 $ according forbes http://www.forbes.com/lists/2006/10/FDAK.html, about 12 according Russian sources), an oligarch in the oil business and of course... a member of the Russian parliament; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suleiman_Kerimov.

The unofficial cooperation between RWF and Kerimov began in 2004 and in May 2006 it was legalized by establishing a new institutional body ? the Guardian Board led by Kerimov. According to the contract between RWF and Kerimov, five activities of the RWF would be financed with Kerimov's money ? four of them connected with training, training camps, preparation for the 2008 games. The other one - ?consolidation of RWF position in the international wrestling institutions? (http://www.wrestrus.ru/article.asp?id=813, in Russian).

Obviously some of the money is spent for Martinetti's and Martinetti's family journeys. Last year his wife made a journey by train across Siberia together with Yarygin's widow Natalia who is a member of FILA bureau. Mrs Martinetti was so ?fascinated by the beauties of the Russian winter? that she said to her husband ?You must try this!?. And Mr Martinetti tried it. Instead of flying to Krasnoyarsk (as usual) for the recent World Cup, he made a Siberian journey by train on the the destination Moscow ? Krasnoyarsk. Not alone! With Mrs Martinetti and their daughter Catherine. And some FILA vice-presidents and members (except for Natalia Yarygina they have not been named). The RWF reported that that ?special cars? has been added to the train in order to create ?maximum comfort? during the journey. After arriving in Krasnoyarsk, Martinetti gave an interview to express his fascination and he said he felt much deeper in love with Russia. (sources in Russian: http://www.wrestrus.ru/article.asp?id=1376&vi=0, http://www.wrestrus.ru/article.asp?id=1421&vi=0)

At the recent meeting in Moscow, ?a program for global cooperation between FILA and Kerimov's structures and other members' of the Guardian Board structures? has been elaborated. What does ?global? mean? And what does ?Kerimov's structures? mean? Economic structures? Anyway, Gatsalov need not worry about any big or little threat.
This week Kerimov met the Russian medalists from the 2007 Euroepean championships. At this meeting he made public the money he is going to give each 2008 Olympic champ - 500.000 USD without any conditions.

Or 1.000.000 USD under the condition that at least 10 of the 18 Russian wrestles (in all 3 styles, i.e. 7 freestyle, 7 greco, 4 women) would place first.

Info in Russian: http://sportcom.ru/russia/events/4632b9b2.htm