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Thread: Wrestling Torrents

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    Sorry for all the questions but I'm having a problem. I downloaded the Saitiev folder and I'm not sure how to view it. I tried to convert it to .iso and .bin but the files are too large for the unregistered programs I downloaded (UltraISO and PowerISO). What should I do? I know it would probably work if I paid to register the programs but I'm hoping there is a simpler, free method.

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    Do you have Nero? If so you should have Nero Showtime which will play the .vob files. If not I believe you can right click on the file and choose to open it with Windows Media Player.

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    if you dont have nero, let me know... there is definitely an open source alternative.

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    quick - Thanks, the Windows Media Player idea worked great. This is some awesome stuff.
    BTW - I've seen you at the NYAC before, I'll introduce myself when I can start going in again. The travel time is tough during the school year. Plus, I have my school practices now.
    Schlottke - I don't have Nero so if you could give me the name of an open-source alternative that would be great. No rush, though, it's not a big deal.

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    P2W, first check out:

    These topics cover basic conversion, (which is playable on computers (so this should get you through the weekend.)

    With these, you should have enough info to burn to a playable DVD.. (or the very minimum, watch it on your computer.

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    Glad I can help. Are you in High School or College? Where from?

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    Schlottke - I'll check those out - thanks

    quick - I'm in high school. I have really light blonde hair. Big knows who I am; I worked out with him during the summer sometimes.

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    Yeah I think I know who you are. The Mocco lookalike. I think I've seen you elsewhere. Are you a LI kid?

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    Yep, that's probably me. haha A bunch of people at the NYAC have made the Mocco comparison. (I'm guessing because of the blonde hair) Yeah, I live on Long Island.

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