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Thread: Wrestling Torrents

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    Both Quick Single and Jacob thanks!!!

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    Just sent you an e-mail Quick. I've been downloading video and audio boots of concerts for a couple years now. I agree, utorrent is the best.

    Edit: Just noticed that Schlottke posted the link. Thanks.

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    5 People on the torrent now... once you do get it downloaded, please keep it active to help with seeding (this will be key in getting the videos in a decent amount of time.)

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    Jacob - Were you able to view the files and/or burn the files to a DVD?

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    Its still downloading for me, but Im sure it will work all of the files are there

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    I'll download it too


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    best saitiev footage ever!!!

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    FYI, I can't torrent at work, so I'll jump back on this evening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henry View Post
    best saitiev footage ever!!!
    Did it work for you Henry?

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