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Thread: Wrestling Torrents

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    hey quick do you have any matches of Godcha Tzituashvili?

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    Thanks to those folks still seeding these.

    Anyone else have trouble getting the Fadzaev files to translate to DVD?

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    Tomer - I don't have much Greco.

    You shouldn't have any trouble making a DVD out of the files. You need Nero or some other DVD burning software and use the recode function and just add the file. They are all the iles you need to make a DVD which will include menus and chapters.

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    quick - thanks again for these. I appreciate your generosity.

    I'm on a Mac, and as far as I can tell, there is nothing like Nero available. (BitRocket is the Mac equivalent of BitTorrent, for anyone interested.) I put all of your files into a folder marked "VIDEO_TS" and burnt that along with a blank "AUDIO_TS" folder onto a DVD. That worked for the Saitiev and Beloglazov DVDs, which run properly, but not for the Fadzaev ones. I think the issue must be with the VIDEO_TS.IFO files on the Fadzaev torrents.

    I'll figure out how to fix it eventually, I just thought someone else might have had the same problem and already fixed it.

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    Just finished the Fav_matches, talk about a great collection, although i am surprised with you quick, no B.saytiev? haha it was good anyway but i was curious, do you have more elbrus tedeev or a.saytiev?those 2 are my fav to watch

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    Information from ThePirateBay:

    This torrent has it all. This is the largest torrent out there for all martial arts/hand to hand combat material, both in books and videos.

    Over 120 books/guides
    Over 65 videos

    These are not crappy .txt's written by 15 year olds, and others who have no real knowledge. Some of the material in this torrent is currently used by our law enforcement and military personnel. Whether you are practicing martial arts, or are just curious, this torrent contains more material than you will ever need regarding hand to hand combat.

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    What the hell is this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quick_single View Post
    What the hell is this?
    Its a combination of a ton of different Martial arts and hand to hand combat clips & technique guidebooks... rather than split them up I kept the file as I found it... not much wrestling, but the visitors to this thread may have a use for it.

    The 120+ PDFs cover everything from middle age hand to hand combat to modern day Muay Thai. I can't vouch for the contents, but it is a fairly popular torrent.

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    The whole explosives and weapons forum thing really threw me. I thought someone had hacked your account. What's up with that?

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