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Thread: Questions about USA Wrestling

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    In NC, hosting my own event is the easiest way to ensure that my kids have an opportunity to wrestle. Wrestling on a Saturday is a tough sell once the weather turns around here, and not a lot of people host, and those that do tend to cancel this time of year. So we have a steady diet of clinics, camps, and home competitions out of our high school. That way, I know my kids are going to have a chance to work out or compete.

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    An old topic but interesting to me.

    I think USA wrestling is missing a golden opportunity to benefit from MMA and Sub Grappling.

    Even though they have "USA grappling" the rules still are a hindrance. No points for a reversal?

    No long term sub grappler is going to be happy with that, in fact one of the main priorities in submission grappling (and folkstyle for that matter) is to move from beneath your opponent to on top. It makes no sense that they do not score this.

    In addition they need to work on a certification program like the copper/bronze/silver/gold program they have for wrestling.

    They need to work more grassroots as well.
    Getting local clubs to offer wrestling and grappling will keep students around longer which generates revenues for membership renewals as well as fees to compete at these types of events etc..

    That is just the tip of the iceburgh and I have not even thought of all the possibilities but to me a folkstyle/freestyle.greco to grappling progression just makes sense.

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