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Thread: Kerry McCoy?

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    I would appreciate if anybody have Kerry McCoy's matche(s) from the 2000 olympics against arthur taymazov i heard the match in 2000 olympics was intense.

    Ps I would really appreciate it if anyone by any chance have any matches of ali reza heydari from 1999 worlds and 2000 olympics, nothing recent more of his matches in that time frame.

    Thank you

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    Heydari 2000 Olympics matches were boring.
    In that time frame, his matches at the 1999 & 2000 World Cup were good.
    1999 worlds - great!

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    akzent, you wouldn't happen to have any matches of Ali RezaDabir would you? A man at my club is very good friends with him an i would love to see the man in action(expecially against terry brands OLY 2000).

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    so any luck with those matches of heydari in 1999 worlds and the artur taymazov match vs mcCoy at the 2000 olympics?

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