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    Does anybody think that he is going to claim another olympic gold? I know that the canadian national team members have met him and they all say the same thing, that Quintana only looses when he wants to, that he could win anything that he wants. And it is not that hard to believe, if you watch him wrestle he seems to be ungodly powerful with his outside singles and picks, and people claim that the only tournament he wanted to win was the 2004 olympics where he didn't get a single point scored on him!

    Does anyone have videos on Quintana and if so please post them on youtube

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    I know it's not so important, but actually Fedorishin scored one point in the semifinal match against Quintana...

    let´s see if anybody can upload some videos

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    quintana's toughest opponent is the scale. i have heard his weight gets waaaaay out of control. my buddies trained in camaguey before the pan-ams, and said quintana had a full belly just about a month before the tournament.

    last i heard, the cubans are not planning on taking him the upcoming pan-ams.

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