Looking at the results after the tournament got me thinking about some things. First is who is going to represent Russia at 74 & 84 weight classes? Murtazaliev has proven he can handle the weight change. Keteov has pretty much handled everybody in the field. Will he get the nod? I guess these questions will be answered after Russian Nationals. Big you are a walking data base, do you know Keteov's results against Sajidov and Satiev? I do realize he is just now coming into his own, I was just curious. Then the subject of Aldatov comes up. Is he just a one hit wonder? He didn't get a chance to wrestle back obviously so it is kind of hard to tell where he is. I wouldn't be as hard on him if he had done more previously before his World Championship. (Okay that and I'm still angry how he destroyed the Iranian.) Any thoughts?