Lots of great junior level events going on this weekend and not a comment about them?! I guess the European championships are more the focus here

(Men's) University Nationals is being held in conjunction with the FILA Cadet nationals while the Body Bar tournament has national divisions for women at the middle school level, FILA jr level, and University level.

For the women, FILA jr world champ Nicole Woody is up a weight from last year -- she is competing at 105 instead of 97 lbs but I am optimistic that she will still win the competition.

Interestingly (is that even a word?), the men's division of University Nationals has added a few 'in between' weights this year. We saw this at the Clansman tournament in Canada this fall. It's nice to see them adding weight classes back, even if it's more for university level competitions than senior levels.

Brackets are posted on trackwrestling.com for all of the events.