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Thread: Stepan Sargsyan International -- 84kg

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    Does anyone know how the 84kg tournament at the Stepan Sargsyan International played out? According to, the US sent 5 wrestlers at this weight and two medaled; Foster (1st) and Perry (3rd). How did Gavin, Keddy, and Reader do? Surprised more people aren't talking about Foster beating the #1 ranked wrestler in the world at 84kg, David Marsagishvili of Georgia. Foster just made a huge statement, especially considering Gavin didn't even place.

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    Gavin lost to Reader, Reader lost to a Russian (Rubaev maybe?), and Foster beat that Russian. Not sure about the other two. This site has been down a lot, but Foster's win over Dato has gotten attention elsewhere. The match was equal parts awesome wrestling by Foster and another meltdown (remember the Olympics?) by Dato.Clayton Foster beating the defending Olympic bronze medalist and current #1 ranked wrestler world - YouTube Foster/Mashgarvilli

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    I believe Keddy lost to Chris Perry.
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