These are for greco and men's FS combined.

OW: Hard to do this one fairly, as some guys wrestle more than others. Bergman, for example, looked pretty savage but only wrestled twice. In he end I'm giving it to Brent Metcalf for an exciting and dominant preformance in a deep weight. Everyone has mentioned how the longer match helps BM, and I agree, but just as important is the 2 pt takedown. Giving up exposure in a scramble has always been BM's achilles' heel and that's not nearly as detrimental with these rules.

Caylor Williams is my runner up in this category, for absolutely brutalizing his category and making his higher-ranked finals opponent look like a drilling partner.

Best match: Burroughs/Dake 2. This one's been overanalyzed to death, but surely we can all agree that it was friggin' awesome. My runner-up is the Anderson/Fisher greco match were you can almost see Fisher' lungs explode as he gives up a huge lead late.

Best series: Mango/Thielke. Incredible. Thielke with the neverending pressure and slick technique, Mango with unbelievable throws. FILA may have screwed up a lot (for exam0ple, the 2 x 3 rule that ends match 2 unnecessarily) but they do appear to have fixed greco.

Golden Pylon award (Sucess through boring wrestling). Very excited at the lack of candiates for this one. NO MORE CLINCH!!! I suppose Justin Lester takes this one. He had some very tough matches and did what he had to do, but didn't unleash the throwing power he has shown in the past.