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Thread: 2013 Iran World Team Trials

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    We will have new trials in 96kg freestyle and 60kg and 66kg Greco-Roman. Yazdani is also invited along side Tatari, Mirzaei, Talebi and 2 more guys, the winner will wrestle against initial trial winner Jafar Daliri in best of 3 format.

    Amir Aliakbari won the 120kg Greco trial this Friday and qualified for the world championship. former bronze medalist Bashir Babajanzadeh didn't show up.

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    After beating the rest in additional trial, Taghavi and Yazdani qualified to wrestle against the original trial winners in best-of-3 format. here is the result

    66kg: Taghavi 2 - 0 Nassiri
    96kg: Yazdani 2 - 0 Daliri

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    I heard yazdani tech'd tatari 7-0

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    I'm still not sure if the whole trial idea was a good thing or a bad thing, if it wasn't for Alireza Goudarzi's refusing the duping test, they would send Daliri or Mirzaei instead of Yazdani to the World Championship ! and they tried their best to not give him a second chance, but they gave up finally after they received a lot of requests about that and let him wrestle and we saw what happened, even with 2 or 3 months of preparation after that terrible injury he is still the best.

    But they didn't give S. Goudarzi another chance, this is double standard ! they both missed the trials without any proper excuse ! Taghavi was another case, since his mother passed away 2 days before the trials but Taghavi wrestled in "second chance trials" with 4kg advantage and his opponents claim they didn't see him in weight-in and he was probably even heavier than 70kg (66+4) ! that was the main reason of his failure, because of his personal issues (his mother's sickness and finally her death) he didn't train that much this year and didn't control his weight and then he had to cut a lot few days before the event and we saw the result. we know he is better than this, they knew he is not mentally ready this year, they should let him wrestle, he wasn't even motivated !

    I hope they make it very clear and simple for the next year, no more second chance. and if they want to do what they did this year, please just go back to the old format without a trial system like this.

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    I wanna see how Mirzae will do internationally at 96kg.

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    This forum looks dead but if anybody's interested, here is the results from 2014 trials

    57kg, Hassan Rahimi beat Younes Sarmasti twice 6-2 and 6-1
    61kg, Masoud Esmaeilpour beat Hassan Moradgholi twice 9-4 and 5-1
    65kg, Meysam Nasiri beat Mohammad Yousefi twice 10-0 and 8-4
    70kg, Mostafa Hosseinkhani beat Peyman Yarahmadi 2 wins to 1. Hosseinkhani won the 1st and 3rd matches 3-0 and 4-1 but lost the 2nd match 4-2
    74kg, Reza Afzali beat Ezzatollah Akbari 2 to 1, Afzali won 1st and 3rd matches 7-6 and 5-5 while he lost the 2nd match by disqualification (3 cautions) while the score was 3-3.
    86kg, Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian beat Meysam Mostafa-Jokar twice 4-4 and 5-4
    97kg, Reza Yazdani beat Hamed Talebi twice 5-4 and 7-2
    125kg, Parviz Hadi beat Komeil Ghasemi 2 to 1. Hadi won 1st and 3rd matches 3-1 and 4-4 but lost the 2nd match 2-1.

    Rahimi, Esmaeilpour, Hosseinkhani and Yazdani are safe, they won the trials undefeated.
    in 65kg, Asian Champion and main favorite Ahmad Mohammadi didn't wrestle because of a late injury, they will give him a second chance, he has to beat #3 and #2 wrestlers first to get a chance to have a wrestle-off with Nasiri.
    since 125kg final was controversial, Ghasemi will get a second chance, Hadi and Ghasemi will go to a tourney in Poland.
    in 74kg, Afzali won the trials despite having 2 defeats, (to Akbari and another wrestler in round robin) it means he is not safe yet.
    in 86kg, Mohammadian won the tournament undefeated but since the final was very close and draw was quite unfair for Jokar, they may give him a second chance. Jokar wrestled all 6 rounds before the final series (total of 8 matches in a day !) while Mohammadian had bye twice and one walkover. means Jokar wrestled 3 matches more ! and he had a tough draw beating Lashgari, Ziaei and Zaman on his way.

    Lashgari lost twice (to Jokar and Ziaei) and got eliminated very early, (they use double elimination format) , most probably no second chance for him.
    same goes to Azarshakib in 125kg lost to Ghasemi and unknown wrestler Shams.
    Taghavi didn't get a chance to wrestle here, since he missed all pre-trial tournaments and they didn't give him a wild card.
    Mirzaei in 97kg, lost to Tahan and Yazdani.

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    Thanks Jimbo!

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