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Thread: I think I have a good suggestion for a rule change

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    i'm with you quick, i've said it several times. they actually changed the rules to stop scoring. you could only score one gut per match unless you scored a two or more point move. every rule change since has been crisis management.

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    I've heard it said that Greg Gibson's gut wrench is what started the 2 then 1 gut rule. He would lock it and score more than two on many occasions. I don't think they were trying to improve the action. I think they were trying to stop people from getting tech'd so fast. I think it started a down ward in rule changing.

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    both Mark Schultz and Randy Lewis were notorious for hitting 2 in a row. Schultz would hit it to one side and then quickly switch and hit it to the other side. He did this to Nanev a few times in the 1985 World finals.

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    Those were good rules Quick. Unfortunately I don't remember them. (I started wrestling in 1993) I do like backpoints though. Would give them up to have 2-3 minute periods back. Not sure how I feel about points being give out of bounds when it started in bounds. Did the wrestler who scored have to have anything in bounds?

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    they had back points i nthe 70s and I believe they got rid of them after the 1980 Moscow Games.

    The wrestler who scored didn't need anything in bounds. As long as he started the action in bounds it counted if it carried out of bounds. For example if he locked up double unders and threw the guy and they both landed out of bounds, he would get the points so long as his foot didn't step on the line prior to the throw.

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