Hi folks,

I would like to discuss the matter of weight during world championships or olympics.

What I ve noticed is that the weightclasses in wrestling are absurd in the sentence that they sometimes vary 10 kg!
No other sports has the same phenomenon.
For example 74+ kg-84 kg. Everyone knows the huge amount of force a 74 kg guy has when a 84 kg is on top of him.

But what I would like to discuss is the following.

Looking at A. Saitiev I cannot imagine him being in the 84 kg class.
i have tried to google his weight but could not find anything. For example one of his opponents such as Ketoev is also in the same weightclass. i can imagine him being 84.

is it that topwrestlers try to stick in the highest range of their class, therefore always around 82 83 kg to make the 84 kg?

The same goes for someone like Brandon Slay in the 74 kg who looked much bigger than Buvayser Saitiev. Does a slay also set high in his weight topping 73, 5 or do you also have wrestlers in the 74 class weighing 70 kg or 80 at the 84 class.

Im really curious about that.