I'll try to do these, now that we've had some tournaments. As always, input is appreciates, especially at heavyweight were I am pretty clueless. Also, maybe someone could do greco and women's rankings?

1: Otarsultanov, Russia (Olympic champ)
2: Lebedev, Russia (2x world champ, 1x bronze) If he moves to 60 kg as rumored, he'll be #2 there as well.
3: Yang, North Korea (world champ, bronze).
4: Yumoto, Japan (Olympic bronze)
5: Velikov, Bulgaria (world gold & silver, Olympic bronze)
6: Niyabloom, Kazakstan (world bronze)

60: (a bit of mess with people moving up and down in weight; Asgarov confirmed to 66 I believe)
1: Kudukhov, Russia (4x world champ, olympic silver and bronze, world silver)
2: Sat, Russia (2x European champ) my pick for WC this year
3: Scott, USA (Olympic bronze)
4: Khinegashvilli, Georgia (Olympic silveR)
5: Dutt, India (Olympic bronze)
6: Yumoto, Japan (2x world bronze)

66 kg:
1: Yonemitsu, Japan (Olympic gold, world silver & bronze)
2: Kumar, India (world gold, Olympic silver & bronze)
3: Lopez, Cuba (world, Olymic bronze)
4: Taghavi, Iran (2x world champ)
5: Asgarov, Azeybayjan (Olympic gold, world silver) I'll move him to #2 as soon as he has shown he can handle the wight jump
6: Tantarov, Kazakstan (Olympic bronze)

74 kg:
1- Burroughs, USA (World, Olympic gold)
2- Tsargush, Russia (2x world champ, Olympic bronze)
3- Goudrazi, Iran (Olympic, 2x world silver, 1x bronze)
4- Gabor, Hungary (world, Olympic bronze (Tigiev not ranked due to suspension, Gentry likely retired)
5- Geduev, Russia (Yarygin champ) - best chance to upset Burroughs IMO
6- Khubetzy, Russia (Whichever one is doing better)

84 kg:
1- Sharifov, Azerbayjan (Olympic champ, world gold and bronze)
2- Lashgari, Iran (Olympic bronze)
3- Espinal, Puerto Rico (Olympic silver). I'm not really comfortable ranking him this high, but find it hard to justify putting him lower than Dato M.
4- Mashgarvili, Georgia (world, Olympic bronze). Best par terre wrestler and pinner in the world IMO, needs to find a way to win the tough matches.
5- Urishev, Russia (2x European, Yarygin champ)
6- Saritov, Russia (world bronze)

96 kg:
1- Varner, USA (Olympic champ, world gold). I know he had a lucky draw to win the Olympics, but Yazdani is just coming off surgery, Gayzumov has lost a step and Gadisov just got pinned. So he seems like the #1 to me.
2- Yazdani, Iran (world champ, 2x bronze)
3-Andreyii (or whatever his name is), Ukraine (Olympic silver)
4- Gogchelidze, Georgia (world champ, 2x olympic bronze, other world medals too)
5- Gayzumov, Azerbayjan (2x olympic bronze, world gold & silver)
6- Batsev, Russia (Yarygin champ, beating Gatsalov.)

120 kg:
1- Taymazov (3x Olympic champ, world champ, many other medals) is he young enough to go for #4?)
2- Makhov, Russia (3x world champ, Olympic bronze, world silver)
3- Ghasemi, Iran (Olympic bronze)
4- Petriashvilli, Georgia (recent national champ over Mod)
5- Modvashvilli (or whatever), Georgia (Olympic silver, world bronze)
6- Dlagnev, USA (world bronze)