55KG-Honestly I have no clue, and don't see many up and comers.
60KG-Logan Stieber-He's young and has a lot of promise. Hard worker, and I don't see Coleman maintaining for 4 more years.
66kg-Jordan Oliver-I would guess he's done with 60kg forever. Unmatched skill set on his feet. I think Destin McCauley might be another guy in the mix.
74kg-Burroughs again
84kg-Tough to say right now. Quentin? Ed? Does Howe/Dake ever move up? Herbert sounded unsure about his future and is already 27.
96KG-Gotta say Varner at this point, figure he will be back.
120kg-Dlagnev looks old but isn't all that old, he could be back. If not him, Dom Bradley?