Had danced around the idea of this thread elsewhere and I figured rather than just waiting for arm spin (who I'll still be excited to read) I'll go ahead and put myself out there with my picks.

1. Jordan Burroughs (USA): Hasn't lost in two years, beat the #2 and #3 guys each of the last two years in winning his titles.

2. Toghrul Asgarov (AZE): To be the man, beat the man. He beat the man.

3. Artur Taymazov (UZB): Might be a little too high especially if we're talking about p4p, but four straight Olympic finals with three straight Golds deserves some due.

4. Sharif Sharifov (AZE): Came back and defended his surprise title from last year. No idea about any of his other results but consecutive titles gets him here given how crazy results were these last three days.

5. Besik Kudukhov (RUS): Don't know what's been up with him the last few months but whatever it is I'm rooting for him to figure it out as I'm still a fan. If he figures it out and allows us to see showdowns between him and Asgarov the next few years I won't complain.

6. Reza Yazdani (IRI): Thrilled to see Varner win today, but had Yazdani not gotten hurt given how he looked to be wrestling today I think he'd have won this bracket. Beat Varner handily earlier this year.

7. Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu (JPN): Very impressive in making the finals in whats been a wild 66 kilo weight for the second year in a row and improving his medal color this year. Exciting style, I'm a fan.

8. Djamal Otarsultanov (RUS): Happy to see him make the team this year, and happy to see him win it.

9. Denis Tsargush (RUS): Great wrestler with two well deserved World Titles but I don't see how he ever beats Burroughs.

10. Jake Varner (USA): I can understand arguments related to leaving him off here, but he just won the Olympics and he medaled last year. Oh and USA!

Honorable Mention: Victor Lebedev (RUS), Abdusalam Gadisov (RUS), Sadegh Goudarzi (IRI), Kyong Il Yang (PRK)