Last day of competition, we get two more lopsided brackets.

Tushishvili, Kumar, and Shahin are all on the top part of the bracket and all in the same quarter. Kumar and Shahin wrestle in the first round. I like Kumar to make it through the quarter and to knock off whoever comes out of the top portion and make it to the final.

Frayer is in the third quarter. He has Shabanau the Belarusian in the first round. Winner of that match will likely have Hasanov.

Yonemitsu, Lopez, Taghavi, and Gogaev are all in the bottom quarter. Taghavi has Lopez first and then Yonemitsu if he wins. Despite the tough draw I like him to come out of this quarter to the semi's where I expect he'll have Hasanov.

I'm just going to say it now. If Varner was going to get a draw that would give him a path to the finals, I don't know if he could get a better one than he got here. He's got a tough first match against Kurbanov. Then the only other guy in the top part of the bracket with them is Gogshelidze.

Gazyumov has a first rounder with Sheikhau but assuming he gets past there he's got a solid path to the semi's.

The bottom quarter here might be the single toughest quarter of the entire Olympics. You've got Gadisov v. Tigiev in the prelims, winner gets Yazdani in the round of 16. Winner of that round of 16 match will probably get Balci in the quarters then the likely match with Gazyumov in the semi's.