Well, we aren't going to have to wait long to see if the Kudukhov v. Gomez result from earlier in the summer was a fluke. They're wrestling in Round 1 down on the bottom.

Guidea and the Iranian are both on the bottom as well. Scott has the South Korean in the first round. The winner there will likely see Fedoryshyn in the quarters. Asgarov is in the other top quarter with a pretty clear path to the semi's.

Not really familiar with many of the guys in the top half here. Herbert has the Cuban down in the bottom part. Winner of that match will likely have Sharifov. Aldatov and Sokhiev see each other in round 1. Winner of that match wrestles Urishev next.

Tervel is on top along with Shemarov and Taymazov. He'd see Shemarov in the quarters and Taymazov in the semi's if he gets there. Makhov down on the bottom pretty much by himself.