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Thread: Arm-Spin Awards- Greco Edition

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    Default Arm-Spin Awards- Greco Edition

    Outstanding Wrestler: Mijian Lopez. The beast man knocks off two world champions and makes it look easy. Nabi in the finals was almost crying from his gutwrench. The best p4p men's wrestler in the world at this point IMO; I don't think he gave up a point either. Honorable mention goes to Noroozi who tried to beat all of his opponents to death; it would be miserable to wrestle him.

    Golden Plyon: I'm giving out a team award to the Russian contingent. Great wrestlers, terrible entertainers. From the "don't touch me" standing defense employed by Khugaev and Vlasoev in the finals, to the two wins in a row by foul for Totrov, this whole team earns the Pylon this time. (On a side note: how many points would Lopez score if he was paid money for every one?)

    Best Non-Winner: Lorincz (66 kg Hungary) wrestled a brilliant tournament, with classic bouts in the quarters and semis. Just didn't have enough against the Korean in the finals, but great job. Gaber gets the obvious honorable mention here; great job beating 3 world medallists in his comeback bid.

    Best match: I'm going with Noroozi-Kepisayeb quarterfinal. Not as crazy as their world final, but still a high octane bout featuring a lot of throwing, including a huge slam by Noroozi. HM goes to the wild semifinal between Lorincz and the Georgian.

    Other good ones: Gaber vs Jakinkowski semifinal, Lorincz and Lester quarterfinal, Jung and Guenot semifinal, Lester and Germany repechage match, Sourian vs Erzaliev, Betts first round against Micronesia, crazy finish in Lindberg/Belarus. Worth watching for their star quality is the 55 kg final (Sourian/Bayramov) and the 120 kg semi between Lopez and Kayaalp, with the big celebration from Lopez afterwards. As was often the case, the finals didn't showcase the most exciting wrestling the tournament had to offer.

    PS anyone got Madsen/Vlasoev?

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    There was a rumor that lopez might have intentionally tanked last years worlds. Do you believe thats possible arm spin?
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Yes, definitely possible though I don't pretend to know for sure. FWIW he did act like it was a big deal to beat the guy this time.

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    Once again great listing arm-spin, thank you. By the way, where is possible to see those matches, like Norozi vs Kebispayev?

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    The Canadian website London 2012 Olympics - Athletes, Videos | Results & Schedules - CTV has archives of just about everything, plus live feeds (with a short time delay) of most of the action. I think it is only avaliable in Canada but you are welcome to try it. The site is a bit of a pain to navigate so you might just want to google search (ie ctv greco 60 kg prelims).

    I look forward to your comments on the greco wrestling once you have had a chance to watch it all.

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    Many thanks for the link my friend! I guess i have to wait till fila puts the matches to their web-tv. From the matches that i have seen i can say that the bronze match at the 60kgs between kebispayev and japan's matsumoto was very good with a nice headlock throw and a pin later in the 3rd period. Laskhis first match also had a huge 5 pointer.

    Noroozi and Soryan were very solid, i love their aggressive style. Eventhought they are not the guys with the most strength in their categories, they will not go stalling against any opponent. Kind of reminds me of the great Filiberto Azcuy.

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    extra award-
    move of the tournament: side lift. i've never seen so many in one event. i'm shocked that guys kept it low key enough to avoid being scouted so the defense wouldn't catch up. and say goodbye to the reverse lift. very few even tried.

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    I watched the matches that you recommended and they were all fantastic. Russians were sure boring to watch, but Lorincz and Noroozi were great.
    My best wrestler of the tournament mention goes to Omid Noroozi because his category was crazy good, and yet he managed to lose only one period in the whole tournament (if my memory serves me right).
    Can't wait to see all of the matches from the web-tv so I can make some deeper analyze of the tournament. I was very happy to see so many matches with aggressive wrestling right from the start of the match.

    Here's Vlasov vs Madsen

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