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    Since we have a decent international community, Im interested to see what the prevailing thoughts are as far as Team USAs olympic prospects. Thoughts on the 7 guys we are sending?
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    Default Re: USA Freestyle Olympic thoughts

    My fairly uneducated analysis:

    Burroughs: Gold Medal Favorite. Not at least medaling would be a disappointment
    Dlagnev: Good chance for a medal, contender but not a favorite for a Gold
    Varner & Herbert: Decent chance for a medal, long shot for a Gold
    Haze and Frayer: Long shot for any medal.

    I will also throw Gomez in as a US wrestler (Puerto Rico is still part of the US) and I will put him in the same category as Dlagnev.
    I will also state that almost every Olympics and many World Championships, we have wrestlers that medal (or win) that have no other results before (Slay, Jamil Kelley, Zadicks, Eggum etc.) so I would put every US wrestler in the medal contender status.

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    55kg hazewinkel- unless he gets an easy draw he's not making it out of the early rounds, escobedo and blanc have better chances imo.
    60kg scott- I like his wrestling but i can't tell properly, i think he poses a medal threat, i think after kudukhov and asgarov the weight is pretty weak, i think scott beats gomez.
    66kg frayer- doesn't have the right style for international, i don't think he will get out of the early rounds, where i felt metcalf was a legit medal threat.
    74kg burroughs- gold medal threat
    84kg herbert- unpredictable but since his world medal he's been crushed by too many guys, however he has conditioning and toughness which goes a long way in this sort of competition, i think it all depends on the draw, he matches well with some guys (sharipov) and badly with others (marsaghishvili)
    96kg varner- good wrestler, but i don't think he'll medal the weight is too deep, but i said that last year.
    120kg dlagnev- solid chance of medalling, if makhov gets beat by someone else he could win the whole thing if he pushes a pace on guys.

    My iranian predictions
    55 rahimi- medal threat
    60 esmaeilpour- no chance of medal, the only reason i think he's the number 1 is politics.
    66 tagahvi- gold medal threat
    74 goudarzi- outside gold medal threat, clutch choker, should at the least get a medal.
    84 lashgari- expert in stupid decisions, might get a medal, might win or might lose in the 1st round to an unknown.
    96 yazdani- gold medal threat, unpredictable, should at least medal.
    120 ghasemi- possible medal threat, i actually felt the iranian junior world champion should go, he's got as much if not a better chance than the other heavyweights in iran.

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    Default Re: USA Freestyle Olympic thoughts

    I think great assessmemts by both guys.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: USA Freestyle Olympic thoughts

    What ODH and gbdaz said.

    Is it just me or is the Russian team a bit vulerable this year? Otarsultranov is injured, Kudukhov is struggling, and Urishev (maybe Gadisov too) have chocked under the pressure a bit in the past. Don't get wrong, I expect some if not all of the guys mentioned to win gold, but if Iran/Azerbayjan/US is firing on all cylinders this might be the year to upset the Russian.s

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    gbdaz, what makes you think metcalf's style is better than frayer's? frayer get's exposure points and opponents become tentative attacking him. metcalf has not been a threat technically, very few wrestlers have to alter their style for him.

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