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Thread: World Greco Rankings

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    Default World Greco Rankings

    I enjoyed arm spins world freestyle rankings thread, and was wondering if anyone thought they could do a Greco ranking as well.

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    It won't be me...

    Problem with Greco is that there are many great wrestlers but few consistent ones. Seems like at most weight anyone in the top 15 or so can win on any given day.

    I think Greco badly needs superstars. Other than Sourian, Lopez, Kayaalp, and maybe Vlasoev and Cebi (who loses al the time) I can't think of anyone who would shock people by going out early at the Olympics.

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    good call on the parity. the superstars are created at the olympics. we get excited about them and then 2 or 3 different wrestlers under a few different rule changes with the following worlds at each weight. gets confusing.

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    Here's my top-5 list:

    55 kg

    1. Hamid Soryan Iran – Eventhough he didn’t compete at the 2011 worlds, I am sure he hasn’t lost his touch. Partly thanks to his long limbs, Soryan is able to off-balance any of his opponents. Soryan can perform different kind of techniques from the parterre and from his feet as well. Of course, Soryan’s best weapon is his mental strength. He’s able to react quickly to different situations and he rarely loses his focus.
    Video: Hamid Sourian - YouTube

    2. Rovshan Bayramov Azerbaijan – Bayramov has a great set of techniques from his feet,although at the 2011 worlds he relied purely on his parterre wrestling, which is murderous. Bayramov is a great lifter, but he also has other tricks on his pocket too. Earlier Rovshan used to give up some easy points but at the last years worlds it seemed that he has toughen up his wrestling big time. Now that he has a more confident style, I am sure that he will be in the podium at the Olympics.
    Video: Rovshan Bayramov - YouTube

    3. Roman Amoyan Armenia – One of the most aggressive wrestlers today. Amoyan is eager to throw his opponent immediately from the start of the match, but his temper also works against him.Little too often Amoyan loses his focus completely if something goes wrong. At his best Amoyan can end the match very quickly with his strong takedowns followed by high amplitude throws from the mat. It’s a shame that he didn't qualify to the Olympics.
    Video part 1: Roman Amoyan Pt. I - YouTube
    Video part 2: Roman Amoyan Pt. II - YouTube
    4. Choi Gyu-Jin South-Korea – Relies on simple solutions from his feet, is able to takedown his opponents by surprise. Has a very good focus and never gives up trying.

    5. Nazir Mankiev Russia – Thanks to his small size that gives him a great balance and agility, Mankiev is very hard to take down. Mankiev is also very strong in the parterre, so if only he can survive from the standing part without losing points, usually he can turn of lift his opponent from the top position. Mankiev’s style is simple but it’s also confident, Mankiev is very good at avoiding mistakes.

    60 kg

    1. Omid Noroozi Iran – Bigger versionof Soryan. Just like Hamid, Omid also uses his leverage to take away the balance of his opponents. Quick, smart and the best lifter in this category.
    Video: Omid Noroozi Greco Roman Wrestling - YouTube

    2. Almat Kebispayev Kazakhstan – Has an amazing throwing ability. Very good on his feet, needs to toughen his parterre defence. His style is pretty wide open, which allows him to clinch and throw, but it also leads to few mistakes.

    3. Jung Ji-Hyun South-Korea – Great lifter and a very explosive athlete. When he has a good day, he will sure be on the medal rankings. Ji-Hyun still has too many “bad days” that causes him to get beaten early.
    Video: Jung Ji-Hyun - YouTube

    4. Hasan Aliyev Azerbaijan – Back in 2010, Aliyev was unstoppable. Since then, his opponents have learned to avoidhis powerful arm pull. Aliyev is still very young, and he will be the future in this weight category.
    Video: Hasan Aliyev - YouTube

    5. Ivo Angelov Bulgaria – Experienced and strong, Angelov has a good and solid style. Angelov has had troubles keeping himself together in the big matches, but maybe in London it will be his time to shine.

    66 kg

    1. Saied Abdovali Iran – Young, strong and aggressive. Extreme hard to take off-balance, also very good at the parterre where he’s able to lift and turn with a very good percentage. Despite his young age, he already has a very good mental control.
    Video: Saeid Abdovali Greco Roman Wrestling - YouTube

    2. Manuchar Tskhadaia Georgia –Manuchar the throwing machine. Has a very extraordinary style, which usually confuses his opponents. Like some other wrestlers in my list, Tskhadaia also is a very on-off kind of wrestler. Time to time his wrestling is the best in the world, but sometimes he gets sloppy.
    Video: Manuchar Tskhadaia Greco roman wrestling - YouTube

    3. Tamasz Lorincz Hungary – Lorincz has the potential to go for the gold since he can throw his opponents from every position. His weakness has been the mental side of wrestling, but now that he has gained experience, he has taken the final step to become one of the best at this weight division.
    Video: Tamas Lorincz Greco Roman Wrestling - YouTube

    4. Ambako Vachadze Russia – Eventhough he hasn’t performed good for some time now, at his best his tactic is tough to get through. Solid wrestling from his feet, although he is also able to throw if the situation gets tough. His biggest weapon is his explosive gut wrench.

    5. Steeve Guenot France – Although Steeve used to stall from his feet in the past, he has now began to wrestle aggressively from the start of the match. Steeves gut wrench with a lift is a very difficult maneuver to defend.

    74 kg

    1. Roman Vlasov Russia – Creative and clever wrestler. Gives troubles to everybody with his lighting fast movements.In addition, he is still very young.
    Video: Roman Vlasov Greco Roman Wrestling - YouTube

    2. Selcuk Cebi Turkey – Strong and solid wrestler, nearly impossible to shake off. His strategy resembles heavyweight wrestling: stall or score from the push out and turn/lift from the mat.

    3. Arsen Julfalakayan Armenia – Likes to wait for the mat part, where he’s an expert at turning guys with his patented gut wrench. Very hard to score at. As he gets older, he will get even more tougher.
    Video: Arsen Julfalakyan - YouTube

    4.Peter Bacsi Hungary – Aggressive wrestler who can keep up high tempo for a long time. Great on his feet, also a great lifter. However, sometimes he gets way too aggressive and makes stupid mistakes

    5.Rafiq Huseynov Azerbaijan – Has a very good technique and will be a great wrestler in few years. Has a great dive and also a very good low reverse lift.

    84 kg

    1.Pablo Shorey Cuba – Strong and explosive. Like many Cuban wrestlers, Shorey can also be a bit hotheaded at times, causing him to lose the match. His agility and great footwork makes him very good at taking opponents down.

    2. Hristo Marinov Bulgaria – Like his countryman Angelov, Marinov also has a very solid style. Marinov is also able to surprise his opponents by throwing them from his feet.

    3. Damian Janikowski Poland – Explosive athlete with a great diving ability. Still needs to keep his head together in the big matches.

    4. Saman Tahmasebi Azerbaijan – Strong lifter and a very experienced wrestler, can take down anyone when he has a good day.

    5. Nenad Zugaj Croatia – Aggressive style, and like Bacsi at the 74kg category, Zugaj is also able to keep up his pace for minutes.
    Video: Nenad Zugaj - YouTube

    96 kg

    1. Jimmy Lidberg Sweden – Very conditioned and clever athlete. His only trouble is his nervousness at the final matches.

    2. Elis Guri Bulgaria – Aggressive and agile for such a big guy. Tends to have problems in the early minutes of his matches.

    3. Rustam Totrov Russia – Great thrower, reacts quickly but loses the touch for the match too often.

    4. Tsimafei Dzheinizhenka Belarus – Powerful wrestler, especially in the parterre.

    5. Arturs Aleksanyan Armenia – Tall guy with the strength of a horse. As he gets older he will be a champion in this weight category.

    120 kg

    1. Mijain Lopez Cuba – Strong, fast,clever and too athletic. Seems to take guys down with ease. If only he stays healthy while preparing for the Olympics, I don’t see him getting beaten by any of his opponents.
    Video: Mijain Lopez - YouTube

    2.Riza Kaylaap Turkey – Young bull, his low built for this category gives him great balance. Strong from his feet and of course his low reverse lift is amazing to watch.

    3.Yuri Patrikeev Armenia – Experienced veteran, who also has a nice hip toss throw from his feet.

    4. Nurmakhan Tinaliyev Kazakhstan –Small but agile. Good thrower as well. Needs to work on his conditioning.

    5. Dremiel Byers USA – Experienced and always dangerous. Dremiel has a nice lift and he is also very strong on his feet.

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    Default Re: World Greco Rankings

    Thanks Koopa. I am trying to get prepared for the Olympics. I want to know which guys in Greco to watch.

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    Default Re: World Greco Rankings

    You're welcome, I am sure that Iran will be the best country at the Olympics in Greco.

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    Awesome post Koopa! I also think Iran is the favorite, but if one of their "big 3" lightweights stumbles then Russia or even Turkey or Azarbayjan could catch them. My thoughts on each weights rankings:

    55- Love Amoyan's style, but might be ranked too high as he had 3 opportunities to qualify for the Olympics but did not do so.
    60- where would you put Albiev if he sucks down to 60 again as has been rumored? Love Nozoori's style. His world championship finals was epic and most of his bouts are worth watching, both his gut wrenches and lifts are just effortless.
    66- what the hell happened to Vachadze? His matches have always been close, but still... just brutal lately. Where would you put Harry Lester?
    74- Agreed, though I actually find Cebi fun to watch. Not very spectacular but has heavy hands and is always moving forward.
    84- did you leave defending and 2x world champ Selimov off on purpose? Not the most dynamic wrestler, just a beast man though. You must direct me to footage of the Bulgarian doing a throw, I've never seen him do anything but stall and gut wrench.
    96- I'd have Guri #1, but Lindberg probably more consistent. Here's hoping for a crazy Guri/Totrov match in the Olympic finals.
    120- I'm assuming Baroev would be #6? I think Lopez could have been another Kareiin but for those two odd/suspicious finals losses.
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    55-It's true that Amoyan didn't perform well at all this year, but then again when I am thinking about 2011 euro's, he was a true demon. Knowing his potential, I kept his ranking high.

    60-I hope that Albiev manages to cut his weight and return to his level. If he would make a comeback now, I'd put him 2nd on my 60kg rankings since I guess it takes a while to get the hang on from the lower weight again.

    66-Lester would be the 6th man on my 66kg list. I was about to give him the 5th spot, but when I watched Steeve Guenot wrestle at the Olympic Qualifications, he was very impressive. Then again Lester seemed to have learned his lessons against Tshakadaia as he was victorious at the recent GEO-USA dual against Manuchar.

    84-Selimov was close to be in my top-5, but he has just made a comeback to the brightest class of wrestling after injuries so I want to see him competing in another big tournament and see if he has the potential to keep his level. Here's Marinov surprising Mishin, one of the most difficult guys to throw from the feet MISHIN Aleksey (RUS) -- MARINOV Hristo Diyanov (BUL) 1/4 Finale - YouTube (4:28). Here he takes Janikowski down nicely Janikowski Marinov - YouTube (2:37)

    120-Baroev would my 6th placer. I guess that recently he hasn't been training as disciplined as he used to but I am sure that he will be motivated by the Olympic games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koopa_ View Post
    l. Here's Marinov surprising Mishin, one of the most difficult guys to throw from the feet MISHIN Aleksey (RUS) -- MARINOV Hristo Diyanov (BUL) 1/4 Finale - YouTube (4:28). Here he takes Janikowski down nicely Janikowski Marinov - YouTube (2:37)
    Thanks. I remember that Mishin match but for some reason not the throw. I feel bad for Mishine. His big TD gets waved off in the 3rd (yes, i know he touched the leg) and then he loses in the par terre. Why the hell would he pick top when already tried it and was unable to score? Just like the Selimov match I posted on the good matches thread, Mishine looks like the better guy but doesn't win.

    PS I really hope for a Noroozi/Albiev Olympic final. That would be awesome!

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