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Thread: Russian Greco Nationals

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    Litttle Mankiev and Albiev (at 60) are good on their feet too, but otherwise I agree. I just don't get it. Sure the gut wrench position is important but why not at least try to win in the standing position?

    Maybe they'll send N. Mankiev to the Olympics anyway if his opponent is not so accomplished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutfirst View Post
    thank for the vids. bad ass performance at 66 scoring the gut with less than 10 seconds left in per 3.
    Have you seen last year's 84 kg world finals? Same thing but in the absolute last second. 2011 Greco Worlds 84kg Final - Alim Selimov (BLR) vs. Damian Janikowski (POL) - YouTube

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    another great vid. perfect example of why wrestlers and coaches shouldn't complain about losing the ball grab. 30 seconds is enough time to score. if you can't you deserve to lose.

    want to be a world champ? turn your opponent. if you don't, take your loss and shut your whining, excuse making mouth.

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