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Thread: 2012 Russian FS Nationals

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbdaz View Post
    Gadisov wins 0-1(clinch) 1-0 1-0(clinch)

    For the 3rd place Shamil Akhmedov def Yuri Belonovski 0:1 clinch, 1:0 clinch, 2:0 in the last second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbdaz View Post
    arm spin who is your golden pylon going to? I think every wrestler in this competition deserves it
    Agreed. I'll have to watch a few more painful matches first to determine the true "champion". Maybe the problem is that these guys wrestle each other so much- in competition and practice- that they are too familiar with each other. No surprise that Batirov and Tsargush are boring, but a lot of the others- Gadisov, Kudukhov, Sat, Saitev, etc that wrestle in the finals usually wrestle an exciting style. In the 96 kg finals it looked like both guys were trying to score but just couldn't, glad the guy who scored at actual takedown won in the end.

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    Clinches or not- Gadisov has to the the OW. Beating Muradov/Saidov/Gatsalov like that is incredible, and finishing a leg clinch on Gatsalov is far from guaranteed. He almost had that switch but Gadisov stayed in good position I'm assuming this punches Gadisov's ticket to the Olympics, he has had a great year and beaten Gatsalov worse than this in practice matches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Maybe the problem is that these guys wrestle each other so much- in competition and practice- that they are too familiar with each other.
    Yes, this is the "problem".
    Compare today's 96 final and their match (3 periods) in practice 3 months ago.
    (In Russia, matches in practice have 3 periods regardless the results in the first 2 periods; after 0:0 in any period - no clinch.)

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    Glad to see Gadisov and Urishev going. I've been following them ever since I got into international wrestling and every year they've come short at nationals.

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    Matdog, Gadisov won Nationals in 2009 at 84. He didn't medal at Worlds. He was very young though.

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    Russian Scandal and Riots | 2012 Russian Nationals | Flowrestling | Flowrestling

    In this video, you can see:

    1. Who takes decisions.
    at 0:54-0:59 - the old man on the right (in front of the pc or monitor) - Mindiashvili, the head of the Krasnoyarsk wrestling school, former coach of B. Saitiev.
    at 1:05 - the tall man gesticulating with finger against the referee - Guseinov, former head coach of Dagestan, now head coach of the national team.

    2. at 2:59 in the corner bottom right - B. Saitiev climbing the parapet and punching. A lot of fans of him are said to have been disappointed by his behavior.
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    kudukhov sat - YouTube Kudukhov/Sat. Another example of two very exciting wrestlers who just know each other too well. You gotta feel for Sat. Not that Kudukhov isn't better, but Sat can't catch a break. Very close to scoring in the first before time runs out, and how many ball draws has he lost against Kudukhov?

    Good match between Saidov and Gadisov. The first period pushout looked late according to the clock on top of the video. However, the actual time clock is about a second behind in the first period, so it's hard to tell. I bet Saidov and Sat go out drinking together tonight. 3 years ago, Saidov loses a controversial final to Gatsalov. 2 years ago he beats him but doesn't get picked for the world team. Now he loses another one in controversial fashion. It must suck to be as good as these guys are and not get to prove it on the biggest stage.

    Love Makhov. Coaches challenge the scoring after he gets thrown and he just kicks the cube off the mat and scores twice in 10 seconds. Whatever weight related fitness probles he had last year seem to be gone.
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