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    Default Arm-Spin Awards- OTT's

    Since I haven't actually seen the matches and am doing this based on brackets/play by play, let's do this by consensus.

    Outstanding wrestler- the nominees are:
    1- Jared Frayer- put up some pretty big scores. Ware, Schlatter, Metcalf- he beat 3 former #1's. Impressive
    2- Ellis Coleman. From the looks of things, pretty dominant preformance in a tough bracket that features 2 (admittedly past their prime) world champions, and head to head wins over former #1's Davis and Betterman.
    3- Dlagnev. Zero points against, beat old rival Sigman who I think used to beat him up.

    Golden Pylon (sucess through minimal offense)

    1- Sam Hazewinkel. Basically said his game plan was to slow Simmons down. He's an inspiring winner in the all-head-case series round #2, but he did it in "style" with many, many clinches and video reviews.
    2- Ben Provisor. Highest scoring period in the tournament was 2-0. Not sure how many of his points were off clinch defense... apparently his final point came of a video reviewed pushout when both went out of bounds- that's the Golden Pylon spirit Is it just me or do the US Greco guys not throw a lot?
    3-not sure. Did Varner do a lot of stalling? I know his final was low scoring.

    Best non-winner
    1- Andrew Howe. Won the "Glamor" bracket and gave Burroughs a very tough match before injuring out. That really sucks.
    2- Travis Paulson- bumped up for his brother's sake and came this close to winning at 84. Also a golden pylon candidate? Honorable mention goes to Chris (should also be at 74) Pendleton.
    3- Simmons? Apparently his match with Cejudo was nuts... pretty miserable to lose on video reviewd clinches.

    Hazewinkel and Frayer did better than I thought they would (not doubting their ability, just their history) and Kilgore and Jordan did worse, i thought both had the #2 spot sown up. Like I said earlier, the Penn State stars got a rude awakening.
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