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Thread: Cael has let us all down

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    Well said TLV.

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    zzyxx might need to tone it down a bit, but I understand his point. It is disappointing as a fan when top talent stops wrestling, even though Sanderson (and Cejudo) have every right to do so.

    Herbert is a fine representative at 84 IMO. No one has been harder on this guy than I have, but he has beaten the defending world champion 2x. It won't be easy but he does have a medal shot.

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    I think where zzyxx steps in it is when he just attacks Cael. Sure Cejudo came back and made a run this year but it's hard to imagine that the spot couldn't have been his if he had kept at it all four years. What if Askren would have stuck around for another quad and really learned to use his hips/balance in freestyle? There are lots of examples of guys that maybe stepped down at the top or close to it (which seems to be the dream doesn't it? Going out on top). I know that I wasn't alive at the time but what about Gable. He won a Gold in dominating fashion and then didn't wrestle in another Olympics after that.
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    Gable talked a little about maybe G-R in 1976 and may something else as well like Sombo or Judo. However, his knees were beaten to a pulp when he finished the 1972 Olympics. He made an aborted comeback try 3 years later when he entered teh Northern Open and lost to Lee Kemp. His neck was causing hm problems at the fact, he allegedly was in a neck brace about a week before the NO. His real "Last Match" was in MSG in 1973 when he took apart the new Soviet 149.5 pounder 12-1 or something like that.
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    Yes, Gable is not a good example. He gave it his all and his body just didn't hold out. He had no choice.

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    Dan Gable retired and went into coaching as much as his body wearing out as anything. Cael avoided the injury problems and retired for whatever personal reasons he had.
    My frustration with him is that he had the potential of John Smith and chose to retire rather than go on. Watching him on the mat when that smile appeared and his opponents knew they were in trouble - and he retired. Took his ball and went home.

    Worse was his coming back on the mat, beating our top guy and with little preparation placing fifth in the world. Then he quits rather than working at it and giving it, us and his Penn State crowd a look at one more chance at Gold.

    Attacking Cael? If you think this is an attack you have mental problems. Disappointed in him quitting when he had the tools, the health and the support. So, College great but just another One Time Champ for the US. Very frustrating waste of all that talent. Almost as if Cassius Clay retired after knocking out Sonny Liston.

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    Where were you in 2008 when he was that much closer to his prime? Its 2012. Dude cant be the best without a focus on himself and not the team. He wasnt willing to do that.
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