From a pure entertainment viewpoint, what would be the ideal gold medal matches at the Olympics?

55 kg- Lebedev vs North Korean. The Korean is a very aggressive wrestler, and Lebedev is one of the best p4p in the world. They had a wild matchup at the Yarygin a few years aga.

60 kg- Kudukhov vs Asgarov. Asgarov may be the highest scoring freestyler on the world today.

66 kg- anyone but Taghavi or the Japanese wrestler The Stadnik/Shahin matches in the past were epic but it might be past their time. Not sure who to pick here.

74 kg- Burroughs vs Saitiev. The first Burroughs/Tsargush was epic too.

84- if B Saitiev is back, I'd love to see him vs the Azeri world champion. If not, then the young Georgian Dato..

96 kg- Gadisov vs Gayzumov.

120 kg-- Dlagnev vs whoever- not too exciting at this weigh.