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Thread: Asgarov vs Kudukhov

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    Default Asgarov vs Kudukhov

    Has this happened yet? an who would win?

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    Default Re: Asgarov vs Kudukhov

    Kudukhov would win, he's arguably the best p4p in the world right now.

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    Default Re: Asgarov vs Kudukhov

    I don't even see it as arguable, he's the best.
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    Default Re: Asgarov vs Kudukhov

    Numba 1. Da best.
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    Default Re: Asgarov vs Kudukhov

    Asgarov gives up too many points IMO. I think if Kudukhov loses it will be by defense/clinches.

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    Default Re: Asgarov vs Kudukhov

    Its going to be the most exciting match up in London.

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    Default Re: Asgarov vs Kudukhov

    no. i think it's not going to be exciting at all.
    kudukhov 1-0 1-0.
    and maybe catches asgarov with his mistakes.

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    Default Re: Asgarov vs Kudukhov

    I dont think you have followed Asgarov good enough. He is a stunning wrestler. I really wish to see him in the finales with Kudukhov.

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    Default Re: Asgarov vs Kudukhov

    It`s not about doubting Asgarov, who probably scores more points than anyone else. It`s that Kudukhov, while he started out as a bit of a wild man, has wrestled a more cautious style in recent years. He`s still heavy handed, always moving and scores when he needs to, but he`s also become just about impossible to score on. He also likes to wrestle from space whereas Asgarov does most of his damage in the tieup. I also see this as a low scoring match, but I hope I`m wrong. IF Asgarov scores early big points, all hell may break loose.

    I`m actually quite interested to see how Kudukhov wrestles- he must be feeling a ton of pressure. Personally I hope he comes out firing on all cylinders .

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