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Thread: European Championships

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    Does anybody know of a stream for this? Also at 96 balci, gogshelidze, temerezov and gadisov, i'm not sure if they've put temerezov by mistake or gazyumov pulled out, if thats the case i think it will be a gogshelidze/gadisov final.
    At 66 i think it will be a stadnik/gogaev final.

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    Gadisov finally putting it together, wrestling like I always thought, he is on a great run, it would've been nice to see him against gogshelidze or balchi as well though, no-one could test him here. Does anyone know if there is going to be a russia/usa dual this year or if the US or russians are sending wrestlers to the takhti cup?

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    Russia sends quite amount of wrestlers to Iran. Including Shamil Akhmedov and Ahmed Chakayev.

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    55kg Otarsultanov (RUS)
    60kg Asgarov (AZE)

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    74 Tsargush beat Khutsishvili (3rd at the past worlds)
    120 Taha Akgül (TUR) beat Ligeti (Hun)

    120, after his 2nd match, Bakhiar Akhmedov was so exhausted that he couldnt recover for the next round and withdrew. According to the Russian fed' site, his blood pressure was 90/40.
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    any videos?

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    fila sucks!
    the videos don't work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOMER4IK View Post
    fila sucks!
    the videos don't work!

    any chance for download link?

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