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Thread: Cejudo & Cael, all show & no go?

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    Default Cejudo & Cael, all show & no go?

    Both wrestlers have Olympic Gold Medals and "plan on competing in 2012".

    Plan on it but don't compete in anything leading up to the real deal???

    It is a show to keep their names in front of people for their own reasons - but don't expect to see either on on the mat for the US.

    Cejudo keeps marketing the past. Cael keeps marketing the name for the recruiting trail.

    Guys, just announce you are retired and live with it so US Wrestling can move on.

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    Default Re: Cejudo & Cael, all show & no go?

    I don't think Cael has said he planned on competing in 2012, I think he has said he's undecided. Also, you can't say he was no go. He competed at worlds last year, and did well. How much do you expect him to compete during the college season while he is head coach?

    Cejudo you may have a point.

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    Default Re: Cejudo & Cael, all show & no go?

    I've already moved on.

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