Russia won the overall 3 style team competition with 152 points
USA was second with 47 points

USA medalists:
Cejudo FS 55kg silver
Bunch FS 60kg gold
M Zadick FS 60kg bronze
Keddy FS 84kg silver
Reader FS 84kgkg bronze
Michalak FS 96kg silver

USA team point scorers for 47 total points (only top scorer per weight per country scores team points):
Cejudo FS 55kg 9 points
Bunch FS 60kg 10 points
Trent Paulsen FS 74kg 3 points
Keddy FS 84kg 9 points
Michalak FS 96kg 9 points
S Scott GR 84kg 7 points

USA wrestling has detailed results with scores for all but 84kg GR:
vs Nadareishvili GEO 0-3, 0-3
vs Karezhev RUS 0-1, 0-1
vs Kodzokov RUS 0-3, 0-1

A few comments:

In freestyle, the Russian FS wrestlers in general looked superior in tactics and scrambles. The longer/leaner Russians at 84kg & 96 kg were particularly adept at scrambles and finishes and throws from a defensive position.

Shaun Bunch looked sharp with his speed and hit & run tactics.

Akmedov at FS 96kg was able to finish shots on Michalak from the same identical position that Tommy Rowlands could not finish on Michalak. Akmedov appeared to be the class of the tournament, able to seize the advantage from every position.