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Thread: Karam gaber.

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    Never know what you're going to get with this guy. that throw Gaber hit was incredible (first match), but the points he gave up were really sloppy.

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    I was very happy to see that he can still throw guys around. If he learns to avoid those kind of mistakes that cost him the match against Hietaniemi, I am sure that he will be back on top.

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    i thought he looked very good. glad to see he has confidence or, better yet, wants to work on top. i'm on his side and like his chances because he is willing to score from his feet and wants to win by scoring on top.

    most guys are content to rely on defending on bottom for the win and are not prepared to score on top when they need to score.

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    you think it's easy to score on the feet? the other wrestler know that he can score, so they stay passive.. and you can't blame gaber.

    in the first match, Hietaniemi used his leg to trip and get the 3 points. and ofcourse gaber will have a hard time scoring on top.. he just wrestled 84 and now he has to wrestle 96.. it's a big weight difference

    my guess is that gaber and abdelfatah wrestled in practice and abdelfatah won. that's why gaber went down to 84. i still hope that he improves and beat him because 96 is the best weight for him.

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    I like Gaber, but don't you think he was sloppy? He turned into the Finn on the first takedown, surrendering 1 instead of 3. Then he slipped way under on his gut wrench to give up the 2 and the match. I hope he tightens up his technique and starts beating the snot out of his opponents again.

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    He did look somewhat phlegmatic, maybe because he hasn't competed for a while. Like you said, he needs to tighten up his wrestling more.

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    I think Gaber looked great whenever he was trying to score.

    It also looked like he was not wrestling with full power the whole match, kind of like "i dont care" attitude and sometimes showing to the opponents "if I want to score, then I will!.

    At the match against Hietaniemi you can really see how bad the greco-roman wrestling is in these days. Hietaniemi was just backing up and not trying to score on he?s feet, this really looked awful. I wish that there would be more wrestler in greco-roman with Gabers active style like.

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    Karam will participate in Arab Games tomorrow
    Wrestling Competition Sheet Men's Greco-Roman 84 kg

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    Karam won the gold medal at the Arab Games. I would love to see a video of his performance since he scored lots of points in the tournament.

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