Our trials are coming up December 15-18. Quinn has informed me that flowrestling is covering this event- should be awesome!

Canada has a pretty unique qualifying system which heavily favours last year's champion. The top 3 from last year's nationals are placed on a "ladder". Everyone else wrestles in a single elimination tournament. The winner of that tournament goes up against #3. The winner of that goes up against #2, and the winner of that wrestles #1 in a best-of-three.
I'll try to do a more detailed preview later, but here are our ladders:

55 kg
1. David Tremblay Montreal 2. Steven Takahashi LWWC 3. Promise Mwenga Black Bears

60 kg
1. Ryley Walker Saskatoon 2. John Pineda BMWC 3. . CJ Hudson Brock WC (Hudson was 2nd, but Walker was unable to go to worlds and Pineda beat Hudson in a "true second" wrestle off.)

66 kg
1. Haislan Garcia BMWC 2. Ryan Lue Guelph WC 3. Ryan Weicker Brock WC

74 kg
1. Matt Gentry BMWC 2. Cleo Ncube Montreal 3. Chris Prickett Guelph WC

84 kg
1. Jeff Adamson Saskatoon 2. Matt Miller Montreal 3. Alex Burk Dinos WC

96 kg
1. Khetag Pliev Team Impact 2. Korey Jarvis Guelph WC 3. Manjot Sandhu BMWC

120 kg
1. Arjan Bhullar BMWC 2. Sunny Dhinsa BMWC 3. Gurdeep Beesla BMWC