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Thread: Hargobind international

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    Canada's top international tournament goes this weekend. There's a ton of prize money so lots of Americans will be there. I last attended this tournament when it was the old Clansman, and I had the pleasure of watching many of the top Russians- Farniev, Ketoev, Gaysumov, Kudukhov, etc and Americans show up. Rumor has it Henry Cejudo and Sushil Kumar are wrestling this year, and the Canadian forum is pretty excited about a possible Kumar/Garcia matchup.

    It's kind of a unique format. Friday is a Carding Tournament for Canadian athletes, and several college divisions (for young athletes who aren't necessarily at the international level yet) are also contended. On Satrday the top finishers from the Carding tournament and the international competitors wrestle. At the end they have challenge matches for big money with the 60 vs 66 kg, 74 vs 84 kg, and 96 vs 120 kg champions competing.

    Discssion on this thead:
    Hargobind International 2011
    American competitiors:
    Many top U.S. wrestlers expected at Hargobind International in Canada, Nov. 4-5 | - USA Wrestling

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    H. Cejudo will wrest. He's wrote about it in twitter

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    According to the OAWA forum he tried to call in his weight and he wouldn't go for it.

    Finals results:
    55- India over Haze
    60- India over Pineda
    66- Garcia over India (not the world champ)
    74- Howe over Gentry
    84- India over Yoshounis
    96- Pliev over Sandhu
    120- Sigman over Dhinsu

    Challenge matches
    Garcia beats Howe! (pretty awesome even if it was on clinches)
    Sigman beats Pliev (surprisingly close)

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    What happened Cejudo in Canada? He wrote: Tournament number two! I just got in to Vancouver, Canada last night and looking forward to the competition this weekend. 4.11.11

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    Apparently he tried to phone is his weight, presumably because he couldn't actually make weight at the tournament. They did not let him compete. The Hargobind has a 2 kg allowance, I believe- not good for Henry if true.

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    Are there any brackets, and accurate results for the tournament hargobind?

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    Tried to 'call in' his weight? I think I'll try that at work, just 'call in' and see if they will pay me for the day.
    Is this kid an idiot?

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    There are some smaller Canadian tournaments where you can weigh in at home and the coaches send in the weights, but the Hargobind is a big deal with money at stake. Discussion of the tourament can be found at and results will be up on soon but I don't know where to find brackets.

    Anyone who finds videos- especially Garcia vs Howe- please post.

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    some results from twitter

    120kgHitender (India) over James Cadotte (ROCFC) 1-0,4-0
    120kg JessySahota (BMWC) dec. Kyle Grant (Guelph) 4-0,4-0
    120kg ChadHanke (Oregon) pinned Gurdeep Beesla (Khalsa) 3-0, FALL
    120kg LesSigman (USA) pin over Dan Nwarendos (Dinos

    120kg SunnyDhinsa (BMWC) dec Chad Hanke (Oregon) 1-0,1-0
    120kgHitender (India) dec Gurjot Kooner(BMWC) 1-0, 4-0
    120kg LesSigman (Ind.-USA) over Jarrod Trice (gators) 1-0clinch, 4-3
    120kg DomBradley (sunkist) dec Amar Dhesi (Khalsa)

    120kg SunnyDhinsa (BMWC) dec Hitender (India) 1-0clinch 1-0clinch
    120kg Les Sigman dec Dom Bradley (sunkist)(ind. USA)3-2, 2-3, 4-2

    120kg LesSigman (Ind.-USA) over Sunny Dhinsa(BMWC)
    120kg GOLD LesSigman (Ind.-USA)

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