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    It is not. There is a Pan Am qualifier coming up next year. This is an odd situation where there are the Pan Am championships, the Pan Am Games AND the Pan am Qualifier all within a year or so. Easy to get confused.

    Canada really struggled in greco, scored only 1 pt I believe I guess it's understandable though, we don't really train in greco much.

    The US did better, but I doubt they are happy either. Betterman lost in the finals to the Venezuelan who beat him in the worlds, and Provisor lost to Cuba in the finals.

    Yuri Maier (Argentina) placed 3rd at 96, didn't that guy post on here sometimes. Jeff Adamson, who I believe also posts here occasionally, will wrestle in fs later this week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Yuri Maier (Argentina) placed 3rd at 96, didn't that guy post on here sometimes.
    He did. He didn?t qualify at freestyle 84 but had this shot at GR 96. We are all very happy in Argentina because it?s the first pan am medal in years. We also have two brave girls Berm?dez and V?zquez wrestling for bronze (48 and 63).

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    Decent day for Canada. Adamson got bronze, Takahashi got bronze, and Dhinsu got silver. Herbert and Dlagnev won, Blanc got 2nd, Ware got 3rd.

    Tough draws for Canada tomorrow. The weight to watch is 74 kg. Burroughs vs the Venezuelan in one half, Gentry and the Cuban in another. Burroughs is the big favorite, but if he has an off day... who knows?

    Walker/Gomez/Cuban and Varner/Pliev/Cuban all on the same side of the draw. Gotta live random brackets
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    Themat has a bunch of videos, but but I can't find Burrough's final. Burroughs looked beatable but he still got it done. The Venezuelan tried to get really low against him. I think we're going to see a lot of guys try different things in an attempt to get to Burroughs. Problem is in addition to his incredible speed, he's also crazy strong so it's hard to control the ties against him.

    Great win for Canada's Pliev over world medallist Batista- followed by a loss by beating against Varner. Canada did pretty well with medals at 55,74,84,96,120 and some solid wrestling I would have liked to see one gold medal, but oh well. Too bad Gentry didn't get a shot at Burroughs.

    Some very odd officiating. In the 84 kg final, the Cuban is given a point when Herbert is in the tripod. They review it and it's pretty clear no point was scored. Officials dont' know what to do, then re-start in the clinch with 14 seconds left. Herbert is able to remain in a tripod again.

    55 kg finals, a pushout point is given to Blanc's opponent while no one went out, right at the buzzer. The review it- and uphold the point. Very strange- Obe might have nicked the line, but I thought his whole foot needed to be out of bounds?

    All this in additon to the women's match, where they apparently forgot to make them clinch at the end of a 0-0 period and had to re-wrestle the match or something. What th crap?

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    Does anyone know why Herbert went instead of Cael?

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    I'm sure the offer was made but I think Cael is taking time off to think things through.

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