Given our issues over the last week and a half it made me very happy to have the opportunity to put these together today.

Gold wound up taking things by a very large margin spurred by his whopping 4 Gold Medalists. I came in second (CHEATER! RIGGED!) off the strength of runner up finishes from Goudarzi, Aldatov, and Balci, and then another strong finish by Saoril Yoshida who was the high scorer of the tournament with 44 points.

1. Gold: 211
2. Jensen: 164
3. Judo: 162
4. Zapp: 159
5. Vais: 121
6. Snackem: 112
7. Herkey: 107
8. KR: 102
9. Dirty: 88
10. Arm Spin: 60