Noroozi and Kuramogedov are here in the top quarter.

Returning bronze medalist Jung is here in the second quarter, as is Lashkhi and Matsumoto.

As much as I hate to say it I don't know anyone here in this third quarter.

Betterman is here, he's got the guy from Venezuela in the first round and then he's looking at a likely second round match up against Dilshod Aripov. Overall bracket favorite Aliyev is here in this quarter as well

Lorincz and Khugaev are in the top quarter.

Brutal first round match up here in this next quarter as Avluca and Akhlaghi draw each other in the first round.

Haight is here in this quarter. He has the wrestler from Kyrgyzstan. Marinov is here, so is the Azeri wrestler.

Olympic Champion Andrea Minguzzi is here in this bottom section, as is returning silver medalist Pablo Shorey Hernandez

Byers is here in the top quarter, he has Tinaliyev from Kazakhstan who I feel like he's wrestled one of these last two years.

Kayaalp, Ivanov, and Deak Bardos are here in this quarter.

I feel like I might have heard of Banak here in this section, the Polish wrestler. That's about it.

Lopez is down in the bottom quarter. That bodes bad news for Patrikeev, and Babajanzadeh. Unless its one of those situations where he has a different name in the bracke than what he's normally known by Baroev isn't here for Russia. Name on the bracket is an "A. Aleksandr"