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Thread: 2012 World Championships Discussion: Greco 55/66/96 KG

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    Default 2012 World Championships Discussion: Greco 55/66/96 KG

    Brackets for the first day are out.

    Bayramov looks like the favorite to come out of the top quarter. Peter Modos is another guy that at least I've heard of in that section

    Mango is in the next quarter, and his draw honestly doesn't look that bad. He has the wrestler from Kyrgyzstan in the first round. He's got a possible match up with the Cuban in round 2, but honestly I don't know anyone here other than Mango

    Karakas and Haapamaki are here in this section.

    Last quarter is rough. Mankiev, Amoyan, and Sourian's replacement are all down here.

    Much as I hate to say it, don't know anyone in the top quarter here at 66 either.

    Rahimov is here in the second quarter, only guy that I know here.

    This is the quarter of death here. Olympic Gold Medalist Guenot, and Olympic Silver Medalist Begaliev are both here in this quarter. Returning World Champion Vachadze is here. Lester is here as well. He has the Serbian wrestler in the first round. Assuming he wins his first two he'd see Vachadze.

    Lorincz, Tskhadaia, and Vardanyan are down here.

    Totrov and Rezaei are here in the top quarter

    Honestly don't know anyone here, the Georgian and the Cuban are in this section

    Ruiz and Lidberg are here matched up on one another in the first round, Mirko Englich is in this quarter as well

    Kiss and Gabadadze are here.
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