Mens Free
55kg Simmons honestly I have no idea. He can pin anyone but I've never seen him string together 4 in a row so I'll say 1-1
60KG Humph love this guy but brutal weight. By the results he has turned in in other tourneys I expect him to win one (maybe)
66KG Ware If this was Metcalf everyone would be predicting a medal here so the disappointment that we're Hawk-less has sort of caught up to me as well and I haven't really given Teyon a shot. From the sounds of coaches though he does well with Kumar so that said I say he's our unexpected medalist.Bronze
74KG MR. GOT DOUBLES ALLISEEISGOLD Hodge etc. Ultra excited to see Burroughs results and I believe he takes the World by storm and we see him medaling but not quite Gold yet semi loss Bronze Medal 2012 London Champ
84KG Cael Gold or Bust he's gotta freakin bobblehead!
96KG Varner another brutal weight much like 60kg but Varner is a gamer and I say he Silvers
120KG Tervel I'm thinking he gets the Ohio RTC a medal but a little duller than the brightest and he Silvers