View Poll Results: Who wil win the worlds at 60 kg?

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  • Kudukhov (Russia) 3x world champ, 2x medallist

    9 69.23%
  • Fedorishin (Ukraine) 3x medallist

    2 15.38%
  • Huseynov/Asgarov (Azerbayjan) 2x or 2x world medallist

    1 7.69%
  • Prizeni (Albania) world bronze

    0 0%
  • other

    1 7.69%
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Thread: world championship predictions- 60 kg

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    Default world championship predictions- 60 kg

    This weight has what might be the single biggest favorite, 3x world champ Besik Kudukhov. The Russian is also a crowd favorite due to his aggressive style. Ukranian Fedorishin has come oh-so-close the last 3 years, and gone to a 3rd period clinch with Kudukhov twice. I'd love to see Fedorishin win, but he's had several losses this year. Azerbayjan has two world medallists at this weight also. I'd be surprised if anyone else won this weight, but anything can happen. This is, unfortunately, one of those weights where many of the best guys have to stay home because a better guy lives in their country.
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    Default Re: world championship predictions- 60 kg

    Gotta be Kudukhov.

    Easily my favorite non-US wrestler, he's one of the inspirations for my putting together a World Championships fantasy league.
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    Default Re: world championship predictions- 60 kg

    Kudukhov is as close to a lock as anyone else especially because Fedorishyn seems to be slowly losing steam, albeit still very formidable.

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    Default Re: world championship predictions- 60 kg

    only vote for Fedorishin is my! I tired Kudukhov's results in WCHs.

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