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Thread: 2011 World Championships Fantasy Wrestling Sign Up & Rules

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    Default 2011 World Championships Fantasy Wrestling Sign Up & Rules

    Will put more details in here over the next few days, but I'm going to make use of this thread to gather sign ups for the Fantasy league that we'll do for Worlds here in a few weeks.

    Initially I'm going to reserve the spots for those that played in the league for US World Team Trials (which I think will give us at least seven) and then there will be three open spots that will go on first come first serve basis.

    The rules will be the same as the league that we did for WTT's.

    Will try and make a more detailed post tonight.

    1. Jensen
    2. Snackem
    3. Dirty
    4. Vais
    5. KR
    6. Gold
    7. Zapp
    8. Arm Spin
    9. JudoWrestler
    10. Herkey

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