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Thread: Iranian Exercises

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    Default Iranian Exercises

    Try the Iranian way!

    additionally or alternatively to ?How the Russian Wrestlers Train?

    general presentations:


    videos from complex training: clubs, push ups, iron bow, foot/leg movement exercises (incl. whirling)

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    Default Re: Iranian Exercises

    another great post, thanks

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    Default Re: Iranian Exercises

    i hope that is how the iranian wrestlers are training.

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    Default Re: Iranian Exercises

    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyholt View Post
    i hope that is how the iranian wrestlers are training.
    HA! good post.. I wonder if that is what the Iranians are thinking if the watch the video of the Olympic team running up the mountain...I'm guessing the Russians do not worry at all about how the Americans or Iranians train.

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    Default Re: Iranian Exercises

    iranians run alot more than americans

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    Default Re: Iranian Exercises

    I don't think they train like that for the olympic squad. That is tradional wrestling.

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