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Thread: Iranian Exercises

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    Of course they don't but some of them include traditional mils (clubs) in their training program. I know also non-Iranian international wrestlers who do exercises with Iranian clubs.

    On another note, some Iranian freestyle wrestlers practice also the traditional style and they participate in competitions. The HWT Fardin Masoumi was the 2007 national champ in traditional wrestling. Three weeks back, there was a special presentation of Zurkhane exercises attended by highest Iranian politicians, incl. their notorious president:

    Ahmadinejad awarded Masoumi a figure in the shape of a wrestler exercising with an ?iron bow?.

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    My grandad did that exercise. Maybe i should buy some and continue the tradition, haha. I think Masoumi does not do that style of wrestling but his province style o fwrestling which i think you can even punch in.

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    Masoumi wrestled in both the regional style "koshti-ye gileh-mardi" of the province Gilan where he is from and the nationwide style "koshti-ye pahlavani" from the tradition of the "house of strength". Yes, in the regional wrestling style, punches are allowed.

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    Akzent ti kak vsegda v svoem repertuare...

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    i've used a makeshift club before and it is a great exercise for loosening the shoulders and hindu pushups are similar to what the pushup gadget the iranians use. both are good for the shoulders flexibility and strength.
    but then again, i may be retarded

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    the clubs are originally from india and called Gadda.

    Its a part of a hindu epos where Hanuman uses the gadda as a weapon..

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    This is very interesting stuff. It's great to see what other cultures do & from where those traditions came. Despite what media tells about the politics, they have a great wrestling tradition, love to train, compete & win like any other wrestler.

    Share move things like that from other countries if you have it!

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    Masoumi should have a go at MMA, he will dominate everyone with his wrestling and he can punch.

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    Right now I am reading "Poets and Pahlevans. A Journey into the Heart of Iran".

    It's a travel writing by a Canadian, 30, a former wrestler, who in 2003-4 travelled several months through Iran trying to discover various traditional local/regional wrestling styles he had on a list. It's also a book about his experiences in everyday interaction with Iranians.

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