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Thread: XX International Tournament ?Zi?łkowski? - Poland

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
    Masoumi won the gold (Shemarov didn't show up !!??) so Iran's team for WCh is almost finalized :

    55: Rahimi
    60: Aghajani
    66: Taghavi
    74: S. Goudarzi
    84: A. Goudarzi
    96: Yazdani
    120: Masoumi

    I'm not still convinced about this guy Alireza Goudarzi. he is really strong and he won most of his matches after making his opponents deadly tired. but he lacks international experience ! he won all of his matches in 3rd period here even against unknown wrestlers ! I think he won't win any medal this year (next year maybe, but this year I don't think so) but it's not fair to send any other wrestler because he won the trials and here in Poland. so he deserves it . even though I believe Mirzaei and Amini have better chances against non-Iranian wrestlers !
    I totally agree with this, amini has beaten the best wrestlers in the world he should go, mirzaei has shown he can destroy top level guys, where goudarzi's matches were very close with sub par competitors. They should just have a 3way wrestle off and that be the end of it. Although goudarzi has done well i think they should go for the proven internationals mirzaei or amini, as this should be a weight class iran has to medal in, as 60 and 55 there will be no chance of a medal, at 74 goudarzi hasn't been wrestling, 66 taghavi shows up some days half awake and hosseinkhani is unpredictable, i think a better coach is in order, does movahed still coach?
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    Surprising that Makhov lost, I wonder why Shemerov didn't wrestle int he finals. Did he get hurt against Makhov?

    Good preformance for Trent Paulson placing 3rd at 74, he beat Brozowski and pinner world/olympic medallist Gaidrov! I'm disappointed Terziev didn't medal, he and Chamasurlaev are my favorite 74 kg guys and neither has been doing too well lately (does Chama even wrestle anymore?)

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    day 1 finals - 55, 66, 84

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    I'd be very interested to see how goudarzi beat amini and mirzaei because he did not look good at all, i'm worried for him at worlds, i'd put money on amini and mirzaei to beat cael but i'd pick cael over goudarzi from style match ups.

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    goudarzi didn't beat amini. he destroyed him. ))

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    any vid of gourdazi and amini?

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    goudarzi must be very good and has done well, but i think its too soon for him, he's done very well the last 2 months or so, but i think a more experienced wrestler should go mirzaei and and amini have proved to beat the best internationally, goudarzi needs to show consistent international performances to be selected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akzent View Post
    goudarzi didn't beat amini. he destroyed him. ))
    I second akzent, Goudarzi destroyed him he could barely walk at the end. Amini was lucky for winning the second period by a late pushout.

    but still I think Goudarzi lacks experience. but now his head-to-head record with Amini is 2-0 !

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    day 2 finals

    60 vladimir dubov (bul) - rasul murtazaliev (rus)
    74 demirchin (tur) - shiika (ger)
    96 gadisov (rus) - balci (tur)

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