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Thread: Bunch v. Humphrey Tournament

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    Wow, congrats to Burroughs. So since neither Bunch or Humphrey placed I assume that Humphrey now officially has the spot?
    Technically Humphrey placed higher than Bunch. When you lose the 3rd place match you get 5th. Humphrey finished 5th, Bunch did not place.
    Humphry officially has the spot on the World Team.

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    Oh thanks for clearing that up, don't know why I didn't see Humphrey placing 5th.
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    any videos from this tournament?

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    Default Re: Bunch v. Humphrey Tournament reports that Burrough's room was burgled. Among the items stolen was his National Championship ring, as well as his laptop, cell phone and other stuff

    NCAA Wrestling Champion Jordan Burroughs Wins First International Title While His Hotel Room Is Burgled - Bloody Elbow

    That's sad

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    I saw that on his facebook. messed up. Computer too.
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    Anyone watched the matches of the new (recently imported from Ossetia) Ukrainian star Zaseev, 96 kg? Animal. )))
    Ossetian wrestlers and coaches say in interviews they are going to try to make an "Ossetian podium" at 96 kg in Istanbul and then in London, that means to earn all 4 medals: Gatsalov, Gazyumov, Tigiev, Zaseev.

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    highlights 96 rivals fighting (!) for the spot in the Ukrainian world team - Oliynik (blond) and Zaseev (appears at 48 sec); at 1:17 short fragment from their final match. )))
    96 oliynik/zaseev

    highlights 1st day finals: in the middle of the tape - 84 Aldatov-Jordan, at the end 120 Taimazov-Mutalimov
    kiev day1

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