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    Wrestling Canada Lutte | CAWA News Article
    Medal results here. Anyone got brackets? Big win by Hergenheim at 55 kg. Looks like a pretty sparsely attended tournament, mostly Canadian medallists with some national champs wrestling up a weight.

    Gentry beat Macdonald in a special wrestle-off for the world team spot, pretty exciting 3-round match according to the oawa website. Video should be available soon.

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    Has the video been posted?

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    I can't find it yet, I will post it if I find it. Brackets are up though. Looks like Adamson gave Tagziev a pretty good go.

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    Does Tagziev have Canadian citizenship?

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    I don't think he does, as he did not compete in the nationals. However he lives in Canada now and I believe he is in the process of becoming a citizen.

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    akzent..where does tagziev rank when he was in russia?

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    YouTube - ‪74 kg Wrestle-Off - Evan MacDonald vs. Matt Gentry‬‏ Gentry vs Macdonald

    Not sure what kind of injury E-Mac had but he looks a lot less than 100%. Gentry just manhandles him (apart from one awesome throw). Kind of sad, actually. Macdonald was always one of my favorites to watch.

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