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Thread: Russian Nationals

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    site of the russian federation
    live stream

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    How long from now is it on in hours? I'm terrible with times.

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    Are the streams working fine for everyone mine is barely working, i've missed saritov urishev anyone got the result?

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    Apparently Saritov won. The stream doesn't stream.

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    stream is now working saritov won 1-0 1-0, valiev is tearing it up with turns and throws he is monster i am picking him to take 84 kg i am impressed with his wrestling. lebedev just won against ivanov, otarsultanov coming on, ktsoev won his matches i think so its out of valiev, saritov and ktsoev it seems i think former junior world champ zubairov lost to nurmagmomedov who is now wrestling saritov.

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    otarsultanov wins in 2, saritov dominates 4-0 then cradle pin.

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    saritov beats valiev valiev looked like a corpse 1 min in, ktsoev beats ibraghimov 2 leg clinches and ibraghimov got the leg both times! Lebedev wins, otarsultanov wins 0-1 6-3 6-2 against lachinov,
    Lebedev vs otarsultanov
    saritov vs ktsoev
    Could this be the first time saritov gets it done in a final

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    Lebedev won!
    otarsultanov won the ball in the 3rd period.. but lebedev was able to escape..

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    in the 2nd, not in the 3rd. they wrestled 2 periods.
    Lebedev - Otarsultanov 1:0, 1:0
    in the 1st period - low single leg and 1 pt throw.

    3 rd places - Alexander Bogomaev and Nariman Israpilov (over Lachinov)

    Tomorrow 60; Opan Sat didn't weight in.
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