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Thread: Why no Oliver @ the trials?

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    Default Why no Oliver @ the trials?

    Actually not sure he even qualified....but why not?
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    Default Re: Why no Oliver @ the trials?

    I thought I heard he was dealing with an injury. Maybe it's as simple as he wants to stay fresh during the offseason. Definitely curious to hear from an OSU fan though because Oliver has the potential to do some serious damage on the senior level.

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    Default Re: Why no Oliver @ the trials?

    I think he qualifies for the Trials just by winning NCAA's. I could be wrong about that.

    Anyway, I've been wondering about the general lack of Okie State at freestyle events this summer.

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    Default Re: Why no Oliver @ the trials?

    ^ Yeah. Where has Perry been? To my knowledge he hasn't been at any freestyle tournaments either. Wright did a pretty solid job at seniors and Perry has beaten him twice and got a bronze at Junior Worlds last summer. Should definitely be competing imo.

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    Default Re: Why no Oliver @ the trials?

    I heard JO was pretty banged up.

    No Okey state is a surprise, but JO and Perry both have wrestled the last two summers pretty heavily. Perhaps it was time to recharge the batteries?
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