Fun couple of days here at this tournament, here's how things wound up shaking out.

1. Dirty: 194
2. Jensen: 189
3. Vais: 160
4. Snackem: 158
5. Gold: 157
6. Zapp: 144
7. KR: 102

I wound up with the highest individual scorer in Nick Simmons who put up 43 points, but Dirty was just brutally consistent through out his line up getting big points from winners Mango, Humphrey, Ware, and Haight.

Ware and Haight beating Metcalf and Holm head to head in the final series swung it his way.

If you have any questions about the scoring let me know.

Now, I plan on doing another one of these in the fall for the World Championships utilizing basically the same format. I'd obviously love to have all of you guys back for it.

What I'm interested though is whether you all think there is anything that I should change, or that I should included that I haven't that would make that go better.