Tournament will go down over the next two days. Unfortunately it looks like in terms of sheer numbers its going to be pretty sparse but they've got some really quality guys there in the brackets.

The following guys have byes to the finals after winning Junior Nationals back in April.

50 KG: Nick Roberts
55 KG: Jesse Delgado
60 KG: Tony Ramos
66 KG: Josh Kindig
74 KG: Taylor Massa
84 KG: Lee Munster
96 KG: Kyven Gadson
120 KG: Bobby Telford

Some of the main names in the challenge tournament in each bracket

50 KG: Jarred Brooks, Phillip Laux, Jordan Wigger
55 KG: Jack Hathaway, Mark Grey (Ryak Finch was here but Grey just beat him in the first round)
60 KG: Nick Dardanes, Jason Tsirtsis, Logan Stieber, Chris Dardanes (Only four guys in the bracket)
66 KG: Destin McCauley, Dylan Ness
74 KG: Nick Sulzer, Michael Kelly, Nick Moore
84 KG: Taylor Meeks
96 KG: Tanner Hall, Scott Schiller, Derrick Borlie
120 KG: Daniel Miller, Derek Papagianopoulos